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Packaging Files

Font, Fonts, Fonts

It seems so basic and yet it’s probably one of the most common errors that occur… UGH… MISSING FONTS AGAIN! Always supply the exact font file, both printer and screen fonts. By doing so, this will avoid issues of reflow and perhaps losing copy. When saving EPS files, converting text to outlines can eliminate compatibility and missing fonts. Be sure to save the un-outlined version, in case changes need to be made. Four-color “skinny” type is a nightmare on press. To avoid fit (registration) issues on press, text is best reproduced as black.

PDFs Save Time and Prevent Errors

PDF files should be of high resolution with fonts embedded. Bleeds and crop marks should also be included and start an 1/8″ away from the trim. This assures that the job can be properly finished. Files must be prepared as CMYK.

Sending Artwork

Files over 9 MB should be burned to CD and accompanied by laser composites or uploaded to our FTP site, accompanied by a Low-Res PDF. Files under 9 MB may be zipped or stuffed and sent via email, also accompanied by a Low-Res PDF. Contact your sales representative for upload instructions.

Before Sending Files

Long, long ago, when all of us actually had time to think about what we were doing, this reference tool may have been a no brainer… but things have changed. We are constantly asked to work faster, expedite the deadline, change gears, multi-task, just get it done! With these increasing demands, it should come as no surprise that things get overlooked and sometimes we operate on auto-pilot. Please STOP and double check that your files are printer ready. In the long run, it saves time, money and best of all… grief!


For your convenience, we've compiled a number of resources to help you answer your own questions, better under stand print and its processes, and find other relevant information. If you think of anything we've left out or you feel would be helpful, please contact us.

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